The Green Bag is the only one of its kind.

Smart Design

The Green Bag has 4 big spacious compartments and 2 side pouches, unlike a common multi-pouch grocery bag which only has small pouches around the bag.

This means much better usage of space that the entire bag offers.

You can use the bag for all sorts of supplies such as milk & juice cartons, as well as for vegetables of all sizes.

The design also makes the bag easier to carry because of better weight distribution.

Flexible Sizes

Our eco-friendly grocery bag comes in two sizes to fit different needs - the Green Bag and the larger Green Bag XL. Our fridge bags are sized to perfectly fit all the most common vegetables.

The Green Bag is ideal if you're shopping for 2 people for 3-4 days.

The Green Bag XL offers more space for bigger families or a whole week's supplies for 2 people.

The fridge bags can fit up to 2-3 kg of all common vegetables.

Woman carrying the Green Bag reusable grocery bag with 2 strong handles

Extraordinary Durability

We make every reusable grocery bag with high-quality, thick, durable cotton canvas cloth. This makes it more durable than any other grocery bag on the market.

The Green Bag can easily hold upto 10 kg & Green Bag XL upto 15 kg of weight.

The tough fabric of our bags is machine washable.

All of the above means that our bags meet the #1 requirement for a cloth bag to be truly eco-friendly - resusability. Read more here

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