Green Bag


The Green Bag is the perfect carry-along eco-friendly multi-pouch reusable grocery bag.


Multi-compartment design – spacious sections adapt to different needs.

Carry everything – vegetables, fruits, cartons, food packets etc.

Extremely durable – thick, high-quality cotton canvas fabric.

Washable – regular wash, no special care to maintain.

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Product Details

The Green Bag is a high-quality reusable grocery bag.

Use it to carry all your groceries however you want.
Unlike a typical multi-pouch grocery bag with small pouches, the Green Bag has 4 spacious compartments which can carry not only fruits and veggies but all sorts of things like pulses, atta, milk, juice, detergent boxes, tissue rolls and all other everyday stuff you pick up at the supermarket. Additionally, the 2 pouches at each side are meant to carry smaller items easily.

We wanted to make this a truly eco-friendly grocery bag.
So we chose the best quality high GSM cotton canvas fabric. With secure tear-proof stitching and two strong handles, the Green Bag stands out when it comes to durability.

Say goodbye to clutter. Organise your grocery shopping.

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  • Want to store your vegetables fresh and neatly in the fridge, check out our reusable Fridge Vegetable Bags.
  • You can get some great offers and save on our Combo packs.

Why buy the Green Bag?
Two reasons. Firstly, a unique design which is flexible to your requirements. And second and more importantly, premium material & durability ensured in its construction.

If you’re looking for an alternative to plastic, please don’t pick up a cheap, poorly constructed, so-called reusable grocery bag which will soon end up in the garbage dump. A genuinely eco-friendly grocery bag needs to be extremely durable. You should be able to use it more than a hundred times before needing to replace it.

The Green Bag is also the most economically priced multi-pouch grocery bag on the market considering its quality. Our mission is to get this cloth grocery bag in the hands of as many Indians as possible.

To be a little more eco-friendly as a nation, we need to start focusing on the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse & recycle. We believe that in the current climate when citizens are slowly but surely beginning to change mindsets, and the government is backing paper and cloth bags over plastic bags, our reusable grocery bag is a small yet significant step in the right direction.

Product Size & Capacity

  1. Green Bag
    • Length: 15 inches
    • Depth: 11 inches
    • Width: 6 inches

    Easily carries 10 kg weight. Ideal for a family of 2 shopping for 3-4 days of groceries.

  2. Green Bag XL
    • Length: 17 inches
    • Depth: 13 inches
    • Width: 8 inches

    Easily carries 15 kg weight. Ideal for a family of 2 shopping for a whole week or a family of 4 shopping for 4-5 days of groceries.

  3. Green Fridge Bags
    • Length: 9 inches
    • Depth: 10 inches

    Size is perfect for up to 3 kg of all common vegetables stored in the fridge.


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